Foreign Trade Data

Import Export information directly from national customs, per country and per HS codes. Historical data from the mid 2000's till yesterday, you can gain access to new customers and also able to see what your competitors are doing.

Digital Marketing

Digital Agency Business Growth

necst is the perfect partner to grow your business Online but also Offline. Is not the traditional Digital Marketing Agency as it has extense background in consultancy designing the best strategy for your business. Services ranging from SEO to Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence and Website Development among others.


International Courier. Delivery services for parcels and envelopes by the specialists in International Shipping.

inConcert CCT

Contact Center Software. Multichannel Solutions. inConcert help you solve your contact center operational needs, regardless of the channel your customers use to get in touch: voice, chat, social networks, email, web, SMS, and more.

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