Our Team

Soledad Silvera


Account Manager and Senior Project Advisor

Soledad is a seasoned professional managing business development projects for SME both in South America and Canada. Soledad has delivered projects across several industries such as retail, distribution, manufacturing and public services. She has a background in Accounting and holds an MBA.

Sebastian Victorica


International Business Developer

Sebastian is a certified International Business Developer (CITP/FIBP from the FITT organization in Ottawa) helping different companies to expand internationally. With a strong passion in IT he's always using latest technology to scale businesses and increase efficiency and driving down costs while maintaining a one-on-one excellent customer service.

Technology Manager


IT & Telecommunications Manager

Lucio is an Electronics engineer with a Diploma in Accountancy and an MBA degree from McGill University. With more than ten years of experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry. Creative, motivated and customer focused professional with a passion for using technology to answer customer needs.

business intelligence


Big Data and Business Intelligence Manager

Agustin is an expert in Supply Chain Management and Data Analysis for Operational Processes Optimization. He has worked with companies in South and North America supporting supply chain and Big Data analysis. He has a background in Engineering and holds an MBA. Agustin works directly in our projects of Business Intelligence being an expert in Microsoft PowerBI.

Digital Marketing


Director of Digital Relations

Anything related with Digital you can bare with Janet to be in good hands as she has vast experience in North and South America. From building up websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), branding, photo design, email marketing campaigns, content marketing, social listening or CRO (conversion rate optimization) she will help you grow your online business.


Director of Engineering

Tonya is an experienced professional working with environmentally friendly technologies, products and materials. She has worked in the public and private sector, in an array of different fields such as heating systems, solar energy, water treatments, dewatering & drying systems in municipal wastewater, organic waste digestion & recycling among others.

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